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The exact answer to the question "what tools do I need?" of course depends on the job being done. But for this article we will discuss the most common and important tools used in painting.

5 Gallon Bucket

To use a roller, you need something to put the paint in that the roller can fit in. The most common method is to pour your paint into a 5 gallon bucket and work out of that.

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Caulking Gun

Before painting anything, any cracks or gaps must be filled. To do this, you need caulk and a caulking gun. Check places that were previously caulked to see if they need to be touched up. Such places would be where the baseboard, trim, or window or door casings meet the wall.

House Painting Tips

Drop Cloth

Drop cloths are large pieces of material that you lay on your floor to protect it from paint drips.

House Painting Tips


Before a surface can be painted, it needs to be free of all dust. Use a duster to brush the surface clean, especially if you just sanded.

House Painting Tips