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You got everything nicely prepared, you went in and painted everything like a pro, the finish looks wonderful - it's clean-up time! Without proper clean-up, you will leave behind a mess and... (Read More)
Rolling or spraying is the fastest and best way to get your paint job done. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use these techniques for the whole project. At the edges of the surface to be... (Read More)
Add something unique to your home with various painting techniques (sponging, paneling, etc.) With a little instruction and a little practice you can let your creativity flow! Glazes and... (Read More)
A boring, bland driveway can be an eyesore. You have a beautifully painted house, and there, right in front for everyone to see, is that blah driveway. This isn't necessary! There are... (Read More)
Wanting to change the look of your garage door? You can, by giving it a beautiful wood faux finish. It can be costly to install a real wooden garage door, but why spend the money when you... (Read More)
Caulk is used to seal off cracks and fill gaps inside and outside of your home. This is extremely important as any cracks (especially on the exterior of your home) can lead to serious... (Read More)
Wallpaper can jazz up any room in the home or office! Change that boring bathroom into a work of art, or turn that kitchen into a full result of your creativity. Wallpapering neatly can be... (Read More)
Painting brick is a great way to mask bricks of lesser quality, and even ones that are damaged. It is safe to do, does not damage the brick, and is an inexpensive way to cover it up. Before... (Read More)
There are several techniques you can use to remove prior paints and stains. These are few that may work for you. Scraping One often used method for flat surfaces is scraping. Make sure... (Read More)
After preparation, and after the edges of your project have been cut in, you are ready to roll - pun intended. Whether you are priming or painting, the process is the same, but we'll just... (Read More)
If there are any holes in the surface you plan to paint, you should take care of them before you start painting. Filling holes is a standard part of the preparation process. This article... (Read More)
Originating in Rome, the gorgeous look of Venetian plastering is used today to provide beauty to your home. It can be tricky and difficult to do, but once done, it is absolutely... (Read More)