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It is a common thought that wooden decks add beauty and comfort to a home. However, they do need to be refinished from time to time to maintain that beauty. It is best to maintain your... (Read More)
Along with using high-quality paint, proper preparation is the most important part of the whole process. Improper preparation will result in the paint cracking and peeling not very long... (Read More)
A boring, bland driveway can be an eyesore. You have a beautifully painted house, and there, right in front for everyone to see, is that blah driveway. This isn't necessary! There are... (Read More)
Wanting to change the look of your garage door? You can, by giving it a beautiful wood faux finish. It can be costly to install a real wooden garage door, but why spend the money when you... (Read More)
Painting brick is a great way to mask bricks of lesser quality, and even ones that are damaged. It is safe to do, does not damage the brick, and is an inexpensive way to cover it up. Before... (Read More)
There are several techniques you can use to remove prior paints and stains. These are few that may work for you. Scraping One often used method for flat surfaces is scraping. Make sure... (Read More)