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Wood stains are used to bring out the natural splendor of any type of wood. However, there isn't simply one kind of stain that will work for all types of wood. Each type of wood has a particular stain that is just right for it.

There are many types of wood finishes, most of which may be either oil base or water base. Both oil base and water base finishes have their advantages. Oil base stains have more lengthy drying times and therefore allow for better color control. On the other hand, water base stains dry faster, for quick projects, and are odorless. As each type has its own instructions, be sure to read the label carefully!

Interior Staining

Providing rich color, and still revealing the wood's grain, interior wood stains bring warmth and beauty into the atmosphere. With the various types of finishes and their colors, you can unleash your creative side; finding a stain that is right for you.

Gel stains and wiping stains are a couple types of finishes. When using these, keep in mind that they generally need several steps during the application and a sealer for protection from water damage and sun, as well as future maintenance for color longevity.

Exterior Staining

For vertical surfaces, there are several kinds of exterior wood stains: natural-translucent, semi-transparent, and solid color stains, each waterproof with protection against rain and snow. With the wood being outdoors, it is important to consider the idea of U.V. protection. If a wood stain has more color, that color will last longer and therefore will maintain its protectiveness. The stains with the most U.V. protection are semi-transparent and solid color stains and do not need to be varnished.

Wooden decks are constantly trampled on and oftentimes allow for rainwater and snow to puddle, not doing the wood any bit of good. For this reason you should use a stain specifically for your deck. These stains assist in the evaporation of water, and are made for horizontal surfaces. The deck stain that you choose should be easy to apply and durable. It is important to use a good stain to ensure that proper protection and longevity. See the article Deck Refinishing for more info.

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